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Traveling around the world was once considered a luxury reserved for the privileged few. Nowadays, with the existence of a plethora of traveling options, from new airlines to cheap airfare websites, the spectrum of possibilities has widened enough to allow many others to get their bite on the travel experience.

Known for its somewhat unpredictable status, the travel world has particular trends that come and go– popular destinations, activities that are considered the hot item of the moment and even new styles in clothing for a trip around the world. This year, some of the most notorious fads clearly state that going around the globe is not something to take lightly, for it has become a demonstration of a whole lifestyle, not just a desire to see the unknown.

One of the key elements that define 2017's top travel trends is the ability to find exciting adventures within a local range. As many young people seek experiences that enrich their lives, they also have to face the fact that the harsh economic situation they might be in will definitely play a huge part on deciding what places they can visit. Sometimes, going to a town close by or a place within a few miles, allows them to create an innovative approach to the local culture of the location they're visiting. This has created a noticeable activity within millennials: exploring local culture with an open-minded approach.

According to a Forbes' article, travel agencies have become a thing of the past. With specialized online travel engines that can search within millions of airlines, hotels and accommodation websites like HomeAway, looking for options for your journey has become a democratic action. The resources seem to be available for virtually anyone who has the interest to do so– there are even special categories that help you find flights and places within a specific budget. So there's no need to worry about financial limitations.

And, if in previous years it was frowned upon to travel alone, now it is promoted more then ever. Solo travel has becomes the most sought-after experience of the current era. Many venture into unknown exciting places completely alone– the widespread global access to internet allows for a more personalized experience that will help you get to the places you want with the information you need, even if you're by yourself.

The line between work and play has become increasingly thinner. Mixing business and pleasure is a normal activity that has been promoted by companies for their employees to dabble on. Extended personal trips, family members who can come along and diversified accommodation options like HomeAway's extensive network serve as a way for business people to grab a few drinks outside their business meetings abroad.

Whether you have a penchant for going far away, or are looking to experience new activities on a fixed budget, having these trends in mind will be helpful.