View on Acropolis at night, Athens, Greece

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You don’t know what you’ve been missing if you have been travelling to Europe, and not getting to Athens. In 2016, Athens was voted the second-best tourist destination in Europe. From the rich history, incredible cuisine, to the near-perfect climate, you will never get enough of Athens. Maybe you have never been there before. Below are some very compelling reasons why Athens should be your next travel destination.

The Syntagma-Monastiraki-Plaka

There is no other place in Europe that can boast of a history as rich as that of Athens. It has a history recorded over a period of 3000 years. If you are in Athens for the history. The Syntagma-Monastiraki-Plaka is where you should spend your time. It is a historical center. Here you will see some historical monuments and learn a lot about Greek history. The historical monuments in Athens are breathtaking. They will give you a feel of what ancient Greek was like. Ancient Greek movies are always thrilling. Imagine experiencing the culture and seeing the structures live and first-hand. You should be looking to seeing the following world-famous monuments:

  • Acropolis and the Temple of Parthenon
  • Ancient Agora
  • Theatre of Herodes Atticus
  • Roman Agora
  • Hellenic Parliament
  • Neoclassical Trilogy

The Climate

The climate in Athens, Greece, in general, is neither tropical nor artic. The temperatures are just about right, and most of the areas in Greece will receive 300 days of sunshine in a year. If you are looking to run away from the harsh climatic conditions at your place, Athens is where to run to.

You cannot help but fall in love with the sunshine in Athens. It is neither scorching nor too mild. Athens’ Attica peninsula has beaches spread along its northeastern and southern sides. Busking in the perfect sun on these beaches is an experience like no other. The fascination many people have with the monuments in Athens tends to overshadow the mesmerizing beaches. Purpose to visit the following beaches when you get to Athens:

  • Vouliagmeni
  • Schinias
  • Legrena
  • Loutsa
  • Kalivia

The Cuisine

Cuisines are one of the most characteristic aspects of any travel destination. Many people will keep travelling to the same destination just for the food. The cuisine in Athens, Greece does not fall any short. It is a mixture of European and Middle Eastern cuisines. Athens will offer you the best recipes from all around Greece. Whether you are looking for meat or vegetable dishes, you will get something that will blow your taste buds away. Fish dishes are quite popular in Greece. You can expect your food in Athens to contain a variety of aromatics and herbs.