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Singapore, Malaysia has risen from the bottom to become one of the world’s biggest economic hubs within a few decades. This rise coupled with its rich culture and welcoming people make it a very popular tourist destination. The architecture of Singapore’s high-rise buildings is mesmerizing. There are a lot more attractions that you should sample when you get to Singapore next. Your family vacation to Singapore will not be complete if you do not visit the following spots though.

Marina Bay Sands

The Marina Bay Sands is a complex consisting of a mall, a luxury hotel, a canal, the Marina Bay Sands Skypark, and the ArtScience Museum. This is not an ordinary complex though. The top Marina Bay Sands Skypark is the highest point of the city. You can get an incredible view from its viewing deck, which is literally built on a ship. Just next to the viewing deck, there is a magnificent infinity pool. You have to be a guest at the hotel to get into the pool though. The viewing deck is accessible to anyone.

The view of the city from there is incredible. You will the whole of Singapore’s skyline. The opulence of the Marina Bay Sands has made Singapore one of the most preferred travel destinations in Asia.

Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is referred to as the world’s best rainforest Zoo. The lush green vegetation and makes the animals appear as if they are in a natural habitat. The place is crispy clean, and the animals are looked after with great care. You will get to see white tigers, Komodo dragons, chimpanzees, zebras, kangaroos and many other animals. The orangutans there provide a lot of thrill to the visitors as they swing high with tree branches. You will get three hours to explore the zoo and watch the feedings.

Night Safari

The Night Safari give you a whole new experience, which is a sharp contrast to anything you would see during the day. You get introduced to the nocturnal lives of the natives and learn their traditional ways of life. There is a park with habitat’s divided into four sections.

There is a leopard trail gives you a chance to see the leopard, lion, foxes, and many other animals as they roam freely. The Fishing Cat trail consists of animals that are native to Singapore. You will see pangolins, binturongs, and others. The Wallaby trail features a couple of marsupial animals, and the East Lodge trail features hyenas and tigers.

Singapore will offer you the poshest of places to stay in. World-renowned five-star hotels are plenty in Singapore. If you are travelling on a budget, visit VRBO and explore the various options available in Singapore, Malaysia.