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The need to take a break from everyday life and embark on fun adventures is one that is inherent in almost all of us. While our minds often shift to pristine and undisturbed environments as the ideal places to do so, cities have a lot to offer when it comes to relaxation and unwinding.  Austin, Texas is one such city.

Being the capital of the state, it is no doubt that Austin is the heart of every activity, economic or otherwise. Formerly known as Waterloo, it came to being in the early to mid-eighties after being inhabited by the Anglo-Americans. Since then, it has grown in population as well as in diversity.

If adventure is what you are looking for then you are in luck. The climate of this city is convenient for outdoor activities as it receives sunshine for a better part of the year. Step out into the ‘City of Violet’ and take a walk at sunrise or sunset to discover where it gets its name from. There are plenty of hiking and biking opportunities in Austin’s green space. You need only choose one.

Music lovers need not worry as this city has a rich musical background. Being home to the musical show dabbed Austin City Limits, it is no wonder the city attracts music festivals such as South by Southwest and the Austin City Limits Festival. You not only get the chance to enjoy the experience of attending live festivals, you also get to enjoy different genres of live music being played in various eating and drinking spots. For musical history buffs, a trip to the Texas Music Museum is bound to be a treat.

The city is equally rich in history and culture as it is in music. Scattered in various corners of Austin are museums that school both indigenous Austin residents and visitors on the various histories of the state. The Huston Museum of Natural Science is a good place for people curious about the nature-culture evolutionary journey to visit while the Bob Bullock museum offers insight to all aspects of Texas’ journey into the state it is now. The Dallas museum of art is a definite treat for those who are more interested in art and culture related histories.

Foodies will definitely love their stay in the city. Given the cultural diversity represented within its boundaries, it is only sensible for the same diversity to be represented in its foods. Queso, a cheesy, spicy dish, is a favorite for most people living here. You are also bound to get loads of delicious meaty dishes, healthy dishes and above all, a delicious cup of freshly brewed, rich coffee to get you along your day.

Austin tx, is without a doubt a fun-filled, family friendly and all around exciting place to visit. Visitors are not only spoilt for choice activities wise but accommodation wise as well. Sites like VRBO are an important resource when it comes to finding comfortable and affordable places to stay during your visit.