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One of the highly quoted reasons for travelling to new places has always been to experience the new culture. This is rightly so because culture holds within it a way of living, a way of thinking if you would, that has been invented and refined over hundreds of years. It offers a unique opportunity for the traveler to quench the wanderlust and view things differently once they return home to their lifestyle and routine.

There are numerous places scattered across the globe that offer such benefits being rich in cultural appeal. However some stand out more than others due to one reason or another. Here are the top 5 most exquisite cultural destinations.


With an yearly patronage of over 4 million tourists every year, it is no surprise that the capital of Italy feature prominently in the list. Rome is home to the Vatican, the Villa Borghese, the Via Appia and many other testaments to different stages in civilization. The Colosseum and the Forum are testaments to the ancient Roman Empire. Filled with many honey moon destinations, home to numerous fashion houses and various classic cafes no taste is neglected. This offers the traveler with lots of pleasures regardless of their definition of culture.


Home of the lemurs, this island has a unique cultural mix with influences from Africa and India. The culture in this beautiful island has evolved unencumbered with influence from its wide ecological variety. The world’s fourth largest island is home to rainforest, desert and miles upon miles of coastlines. Once known as the Island of the Pirates, the island is home to a pirate cemetery as well as history of a time when the likes of William Kid (an infamous pirate) called the island home.


From a mix of religious temples and monasteries to hundreds of years of civilisation India has more than a lifetime of exploration beckoning the cultural traveller. If not for anything else, the breath taking Taj Mahal with its rich history offers incentive to many a traveller to visit this country. The warmth of the Indian people and the ranged culinary offering will leave you yearning for more. The home of the tiger has a scenic offering that does not disappoint either. It offers the perfect backdrop to explore the language, tantalize your palate with the cuisine and fill yourself with awe at the rich history.


Yes yes, home of the Maasai but did you know that this beautiful East African country has 41 more cultures each with a different dialect, cultural practices and culinary treats? Imagine that! An opportunity to experience 42 different cultural heritages in one vastly endowed location. In cultural heritage Kenya boasts years of coastal trade in Lamu and Mombasa and evidence of human civilisation with fossils being unearthed in Koobi Fora. With numerous geographic attraction sites ranging from sandy beaches to rolling wild savanna filled with wildlife, all the big 5 included, this country gives experience at its most diverse.