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There is a historically famous border city that has consistently increased its tourist potential. And it doesn't seem to stop. Located in the southernmost part of the state of California, San Diego has become a focal point for an abundance of activities that attracts millions of visitors yearly.

Considered the “birthplace of California”, San Diego has served as a cultural connection between the United States and Mexico. After becoming a part of the US in 1848, the city managed to transform itself into a gateway for visitors –both national and international– who wanted to experience the essence of what a sunny, vibrant and bright site really is.

A hilled city by nature, San Diego has created a combination of outstanding wildlife and urban development that makes it stand out from other locations around the country. It certainly helps having warm summers and very mild winters, with comfortable temperatures that average 21ºC.

As any coastal city, it has developed a strong relationship with its nature– a number of reserves can be found along its hills an canyons, including Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve and Mission Trails Regional Park.

There is no way of saying San Diego without thinking of surf– it is part of every fiber of the city's DNA. Surfing is the number one activity most people enjoy, given the wide array of options they've got in terms of beaches for practicing. 70 miles, to be exact.

Cliffs and piers, reefs and bays, boardwalks and mountains– you name it! San Diego has a beach for every type of traveler, from laid back surfers to more active visitors.

Enjoying the beach is a wise option during the day, mainly because at night you will have an unlimited amount of cultural activities to be a part of. All throughout the city, theaters, bars and museums allow for various gatherings where you will definitely find what you're looking for. One of the most iconic centers for cultural activity is Balboa Park, where venues for music and art are all around.

Nightlife is one of the most energetic in all of the West Coast. Clubs, restaurants and bars are filled with thousands of people enjoying their time. If you're thinking about getting drinks, consider visiting one of the many craft beer bars spread around town– San Diego craft beer culture is one of the most diverse and exciting in the world.

Mexican heritage, delicious food and beach culture make San Diego the top option when visiting the West Coast, a great alternative for anyone seeking a contrast from the concrete urban landscape from other cities in California.

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