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It is pretty agreeable that Winter is the time you just want to stay indoors, cuddled up in your warm duvets next to a considerably burning fire with hot coffee on the table as you read a thrilling book. What if you find out you can have the time of your life without staying indoors but getting out there and visiting one of the most adorable places in the world? Below are some of the places you do not want to miss visiting this winter.

  1. Puerto Rico

Do islands make you tick? It does for most people, and there are a whole lot of reasons why they should. Puerto Rico is blessed with a beautiful beach surrounded with whimsically swaying pine trees that give it a priceless view. Even better, the beach is said to glow in the dark and create a priceless sight. The pink sands of Isla Verde are also fabulous and have a feel you can die for. If you love diving and snorkeling, even better because that is exactly what you will get when in Puerto Rico. Besides, there are amazing resorts by the beach like Villa Montana Beach Resort that are quite affordable.

  • San Diego

Do you fancy seeing whales jump up and dive back into the water? Or do you love strolling on the beach barefoot and experience the magical touch of wet sand on your feet? If yes, the San Diego is where you need to be. Winter is known to be the season for whale migration, and if you have always wanted to see an actual whale, leave alone the ones you see on the screen or the pages of a book, then you should hurry before the season ends. While there you can also plan to visit San Diego Zoo and go around the park and the museum, amazing at the incredible wildlife at affordable prices.

  • Tulum

Ever heard of the paradise to escape the chill of winter? Well, it is Mexico. Mexico’s Tulum is a seaside community that has a lot to offer, from its remarkable beaches, the turtles roaming the sand to the beautiful ruins of historical buildings such as the temples and Castillo dating back to the 13th-15th centuries. Tulum also has many affordable resorts built just next to the beach to provide a breathtaking view.

  • Spain

Who would not want to soak up the sunshine all day while lying on the beach? Costa del Sol enjoys the average temperatures of around 70s during the winter, and this makes it warmer than other travel destinations in Europe, and so is Barcelona. The city boasts a magnificent cathedral, a dramatic gothic quarter that you will love strolling around and a line of numerous street performers. Its La Boqueria market is also among the best in Europe.