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If you are looking for a serene, and enchanting travel destination, Normandy, France is where you should be. The natural beauty of this northwestern part of France is incredible. You should get there if you want to be away from the crowd. Normandy is the kind of place you go to meditate or look for inspiration. The quiet and cool aura of the Normandy countryside if impressive. As you look for inspiration and inner peace, you will certainly be enchanted by the following aspects of Normandy.

You will come across the medieval silhouette of Mont-St-Michel. This centuries-old structure is still magnificent and imposing as ever. You cannot help but be mesmerized by its glory. The structure brings back all the memories of historical wars in France.

You would be lucky to have someone take you through some of the great war stories related to the Mont-St-Michel while you gaze at it. Make sure you get there during high-tides while the waters are hitting hard against the cliffs. It is an incredible experience. There are a couple other untouched medieval structures in Normandy. Each one of them is always a sight to behold.

Get to learn how Normandy and England are closely related while there. Learn about a war that went on for 100 years, and how the Duke of Normandy invaded England and conquered. Normandy would have sovereignty over England for over 400 years. To date, English culture and practices are still quite prevalent in Normandy. You will see high-born ladies in gloves participating in horse races, and silver spoons with high mounds of teatime cream. These experiences are quite exhilarating.

The seas side in Normandy is quiet and surrounded by cliffs. You will find solitude and solace there. Your only chance of seeing a person is an occasional glance at a farmer with brown or white sheep and cattle. Walking across the pebbly beaches overlooking vast sea waters is a great experience. If your reasons for travel are sentimental or emotional, Normandy, France is where you should go.

Normandy will give you a great travelling experience. You do not have to always travel to overcrowded destinations. Visit Normandy and sample some of Europe’s richest and most interesting pieces of history. Staying at Normandy is refreshing and calming too. Visit VRBO and get a place to stay. VRBO has a variety of differently priced places you could stay.