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Hawaii is almost always associated with exotic sandy beaches, exotic people, cultures and foods. These attributes are ever present in the North Shore town of Haleiwa in Honolulu County, Hawaii. The town is situated at the mouth of the Anuhulu river/stream at the Waialua bay. It borders the Haleiwa beach park to the south and the Haleiwa Ali beach park to the north and Kaiaka bay to the east.

The beauty of this town is found partially in its architecture. Thanks to the designation of the town as a cultural, science and historic town by its county council in 1984, a majority of the buildings in this town are required to maintain their historical architecture which is heavily influence by the town’s history as a sugar plantation.

Being in Hawaii, you can expect surfing to be a major tourist activity in the town. The waves on its shores have been describe as epic in several occasions and are bound to make for an exciting experience for both newbie and experienced surfers. Peak surfing season is between October and April. During this season, the non-surfing population, both local and foreign, cannot help but enjoy the spectacle that is the surfing sport.

The M.Matsumoto grocery store is an iconic landmark in the town. It is better known for its shaved ice than it is for its vegetable produce. This little store is flocked by visitors and locals for a taste of that delicious shaved ice-cream for which it has been known since the fifties.

There is beauty all around on this shore. The waters are littered with green turtles, the sunsets are breath taking, the main streets are covered with colorful art and artifacts, clothes and other items for sale, not to mention that the town’s backdrop are the Waianae Mountain Ranges.

The restaurants in the town are bound to take you on a culinary journey. While the majority of them serve fresh sea food (no surprise there), the different styles in which they prepare these dishes offer the clients an altogether different experience.

The convenient location of the town is such that you get to enjoy the simplicity, comfort and familiarity of this little town and its people yet you can still dash to the more ‘sophisticated’ neighboring towns to satisfy your fancier cravings; be it food related or otherwise.

Lastly, your stay is not complete until you have had the chance to explore the waters in the Waialua bay. If surfing is not your thing, then you shall be relieved to know that you have the option of kayaking. This gives you a chance to watch the green sea turtles and other marine creatures in their natural element as you soak in all the sun and beauty around you.

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