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Florida is known for a number of things. Top amongst them are the long stretches of sandy beaches with breathtaking scenery. One such beach known for its beauty is the Forty Myers Beach. This little slice of heaven on earth is found within the boundaries of Estero Island. It enjoys a tropical climate that sees it achieve temperature highs of 870F and lows of 550F. People living on this island enjoy sunshine for most of the year and do not experience a single day of snow.

Formerly inhabited by the Calusa Indians, the island was later taken over by Cuban fishermen and eventually by Americans after the introduction of the Homestead Act in the early 90s. The beach and island at large offer both residents and visitors a host of activities to be involved in. In case you are thinking of planning a trip to this area, here are a few ideas to keep you occupied during your stay.

1.     Sandy Beach Walks

The beaches of Fort Myers are ideal for soothing and relaxing walks. Enjoy the feeling of sand in your toes and immerse your feet in the soothing waters. Take some time to look around and reward yourself with beautiful sea shells. This is especially so when the tide is low.

2.     Treat Your Taste Buds

Experiencing different foods and culinary expertise of locals is an important part of discovering new places. The food on this beach and the island in general is a treat for all. Depending on the season in which you visit, you get to enjoy various sea food based meals. Enjoy lunch as you indulge the explorer in you by visiting Cabbage key. Lastly, for that romantic bite, enjoy some desert, primarily ice-cream, at the various Love Boat shops scattered in different parts of the beach.

3.     Enjoy The Brew

Good food almost always goes hand in hand with a good drink. What better way to discover a good beer than to visit its source. Fort Myers is home to the Fort Myers Brewing company. Albeit small in its scale of production, this brewery holds different types of brews that satisfy a wide array of beer tastes.

4.     Experience Sports Diversity

A big attraction to the beach especially during the spring is a chance to watch the Red Sox train. Apart from enjoying main stream sports, one gets a chance to learn about as well as how to play a lesser known sport such as pickle ball. Never heard of it? Why don’t you plan a trip and find out more?

This is in no way a comprehensive list of things to do while on the island’s sandy beaches. These are merely some of the most popular activities to engage in while here. If planning a visit, accommodation logistics can be a bit of a nightmare if you do not know where to look. Here is where vacation rental sites such as VRBO come in handy. Such sites are a one stop shop for accommodation options in the area.