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Travelling to Africa has been made to seem like a terrifying experience by some people. The truth is, while there are some people who have had the bad luck to have less than pleasant encounters in Africa, there are great some pretty great places to visit in the continent.

Countries in Africa offer tourists a mix of cultural, nature and culinary thrills. If you have been dying to travel to the ‘Motherland’ and have been at a loss as to which country to start with, here is a little cheat sheet for you.


If you are looking for diversity in culture, food and architecture then Morocco is the country to visit. From its breathtaking date plantations in the Draa valley to the lively markets in Djemaa EL Fna, Morocco is bound to keep you highly entertained. If landscapes are more your forte, the Sahara sand dunes will make for an interesting site.


Malawi is rarely considered a tourist attraction by many. Although it is landlocked, this small country located south of Tanzania has a lot to offer. It boasts of a wealth of wildlife with an even greater scenic fortune. Lake Malawi and the landscapes that surround it, the Nyika plateau and Mount Mulanje are bound to leave you breathless. The country also has a rich culinary diversity. Be sure to try Nsima together with traditional vegetables for a healthy, filling and enjoyable meal.

South Africa

South Africa is as culturally diverse as it is climatically. Within its boundaries you can enjoy tropical, temperate and even desert climates. It is a country if historic and evolutionary significance to the human race. Here, you get the chance to try out the various cuisines, visit the Table mountains, get to interact with tropical as well as temperate wildlife species such as elephants, cheetahs and penguins and get to enjoy nature in the Kruger national park.


This east African country boasts of a rich wildlife diversity (both flora and fauna). When visiting Kenya, ensure you go on safari, enjoy a nature trail in one of its numerous national parks and game reserves,  go whale watching in Watamu and Malindi in the Kenyan coast, and discover the history and culture of the country by visiting the Bomas of Kenya, and the numerous museums. Be sure to enjoy shopping in the numerous malls spread out all through the country as well as in the thrift markets such as the Maasai market that takes place in different locations within the week.


Rwanda has gained fame in the past due to the genocide that happened as a result of a civil war between the Hutus and the Tutsis. However, the country has since recovered and turned into a tourism hub. Perhaps the biggest tourist attraction in the country is the presence of mountain gorillas. The genocide museum also provides an opportunity for the human race to learn from its mistakes and focus on a more convivial future.