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Travelling is an exciting experience. The thought of moving to distance lands and exploring the culture, food, landscapes and people is one that ignites a curious fire I a great number of people. Amidst all the excitement and sometimes the last minute rush of packing, we often either under pack or overdo it with our packing. One bag that we rarely pay attention to what we pack in it is our carry-on bag. You might have done a good job packing everything you need for your trip. The only problem is that you put everything in the suitcase and forgot to keep those items that you will frequently need during your trip.

To help with the chaos that is packing for a long distance trip, whether by road or air, here are a few things that almost always go on your carry-on luggage.

Travel Documents

This first one is a bit of a no brainer. Imagine getting to the airport all excited to check in for your flight only to realize that you have to open your suitcase in order to produce the necessary travel documents. This may not be that big of a hustle for people who travel light. Those who tend to be extra paranoid when it comes to the security of their luggage will have to battle with plastic wrap and multiple locks in order to access their documents. Having your passport, ticket and any other essential traveling document on your carry-on bag makes it easier to reach and saves everyone a hell of a lot of time at the check-in counter.


Travelling, especially over a long distance, may not provide enough opportunities along the way for you to treat yourself to a nice refreshing bath. It, however, affords you numerous opportunities to freshen up. It, therefore, helps to have the necessary tools of trade in handy for when such opportunities arise. That said, always carry your toothbrush, tooth paste, face wipes, wet wipes, hand lotion and deodorant in your hand luggage.

Valuable Items

It is a natural feeling or need to want to keep the things that you hold dear closest to you. It, therefore, goes without saying items such as money, your favorite jewelry, your camera, your house and car keys, your phone, and other documents such as credit cards in your carry-on bag. If you think about it, you will need to use some of these valuables such as money, credit cards, and your camera often in your trip so you might as well keep them close.


If you suffer from one ailment or the other, be it a passing flu or a terminal ailment, you will need to keep your medication close by. This applies to people, who need certain medicines to manage conditions such as diabetes, and asthma and need to have either their insulin or other medications or their inhalers with them at all times. Contact solutions also fall under this category of essentials. If you suffer severe allergies, it is best that you keep your allergy medication as well as your epi-pen where you can easily reach it.


Long trips will require you to carry some form of entertainment or the other. The movie selection on flights may not always have something that you are particularly enthusiastic about. A good book or some music will, therefore, come in handy.

Food and Sleep

You are bound to get hungry on a trip, especially if it is a long one. It is thus important that you take with you a snack to bite in when hunger strikes. If travelling by road, water is a must have so carry sufficient amounts. Regardless of your mode of travel, a good eye mask and ear plugs will come in handy whenever you want to get some sleep. This is unless you are driving or flying the plane. A scarf or an small blanket will come in handy in keeping you warm while a travel pillow will go a long way in boosting your comfort as you nap.