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Gordon Ramsay received raised eyebrows when he admitted recently that he and his wife fly first class but book economy flights for their children. He says that his children have not yet worked for them to afford first class seats. He should certainly be using Expert Flyer if he is trying to show his kids the best way to travel on a budget.

The top chef star reportedly has £30 million under his name. A lot of people were curious and shocked at the information at the same time. Many parents who are flying first class would not bat an eye and book a similar seat for their kids. However, Ramsay was quick to defend his statement. He says that he needed to keep it real with the kids. He says that kids at the age of five to seven do not really need the big seats and the big space. He claims that they can easily be entertained with the help of their iPads. He adds that he would rather think about what they can do with the money when they land rather than spending it for the kids flying first class.

However, some pointed out that his kids are now teenagers. Ramsay on the other hand says that he isn’t giddy excited about his kids sitting in first class with some 10 course meal or champagne. Ramsay claims that he is not at all embarrassed with his decision because it is his and Tana’s (Ramsay’s wife) way of disciplining the kids to keep them real.

It is not a secret that the famous chef is known for his no-nonsense approach when it comes to the kitchen. Some have already expected that he will follow a similar approach when it comes to his kids.

Ramsay told The Telegraph that he had a completely different life growing up and that he worked his way to be in the position that he is in now. He says that his kids are grateful for what they have and that they are not spoilt.