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Worried about Brexit? Forget about it – that is, if you have always been dreaming of taking a trip to Europe. In fact, now could be the best time to visit. At least this is what the AA Tyres is now telling the public, even though some of their members are informing them that the cost of driving to around the continent might become more expensive from the impending exit from Europe.

Boss Mark Shankland says that even though the pound is weak and there are concerns on riding holiday costs in mainland Europe, there has never been a better time other than now, planning on a road trip to Europe. He reiterates that fuel prices are often more affordable right at home compared to this side of the Channel. He also says that taking a trip to Europe could be great option to a staycation in the UK or that of a long-haul holiday.

He did give some extra tips to those who are interested. He says that this requires careful planning – it’s because you could expect to encounter different regulations in different cities across Europe. Of course if you find yourself at different airports along the way you'll want to make sure you get the best rates possible on airport parking.

In France of example, cities like Lyon, Paris, and Grenoble observe clean air zones. If you plan to go in here, you will be required to have a Crit’Air clean air sticker stuck on your car. Not having one might get you fined. Be advised that these can take 30 days to arrive.

There are also local quirks that you need to take note of. For example, Vienna will not let you pass trams. There are parking restrictiosn in Italy depending if it’s an even or odd day. Reduced speed limits are observed in France when it’s raining.

You must also have a check travel kit with in the car when travelling Europe. It’s because hi-vis vests and warning triangles are often required in these areas as well as a first aid kit and spare bulbs. Take note to watch your drinking because European countries have a lower drink-drive limit compared to Scotland.