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Studies have pretty much confirmed what we all knew already: levels of stress are increasing at an alarming rate. This is mainly caused to work-related tension. Several Americans tend to feel they have a lot of demands at their jobs, but little control over them, which has elevated the number of people suffering from threatening heart conditions like hypertension or even heart attacks. Health has never been in such a delicate situation in the work environment as it is today. A good solution to this ever growing issues, good old fashion rest and relaxation.

Mountain communities are known for their beneficial properties, like a calm and noiseless environment that boosts the immune system, a necessary process for the improvement of our overall health. The slowed down pace of life becomes a source of relaxation, benefiting both the body with its immediate natural response and the mind with its entrancing state of peace.

A retreat in the mountains will allow you to enjoy the present. Millions of Americans suffer from stress that is directly related to worries about the future or the past– being able to live moment by moment, seems to be the highest aspiration many seek, but fail to get. Going to the mountains will also serve as a great opportunity to spend some intimate time with the most important person in our lives: ourselves. The intricate hikes and the soothing air will create a intimate connection with the surroundings which grants us the opportunity to rekindle with our inner thoughts. And, of course, one of the primordial connections we can establish and that will be furthermore enhanced with a mountain retreat is our connection with nature.

Getting all these benefits seems like something we all deserve, but what types of retreats can we find? Depending on the season, each mountain community will provide different amenities. Certain areas become notoriously popular during winter time, when skiing season makes them a top destination for a mountain getaway. Mountain valleys, very common in northern California, are a good option for a laid-back experience with  warmer weather. Some people find it interesting to be surrounded by wildlife, which is why options with animal viewing trails can be a good suggestion.

With all this information, all we need to do is actually book a retreat. Fortunately, many companies like VRBO offer online accommodation services that suit your needs. Vacation residences in relaxed mountain communities like Stowe in Vermont, or more adventurous trails in Lake Tahoe are good alternatives for a private, relaxed getaway. Of course, mountain views like the ones we see in towns like Telluride in Colorado or Deer Valley in Utah will always be a good way to start your search.

Our bodies and minds will definitely improve their state while on a getaway. Add to this a service created to cater to our needs like VRBO, and you have a holiday with long-lasting positive effects.