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We all crave a getaway from our day to day every now and then– a fantastic journey to a tropical island where the only thing in our mind is when the next pina colada is coming. But, as reality has shown, sometimes getting to that state is more difficult than we think. The amount of planning, budgeting, walking and even worrying that traveling requires can become a stress bigger than our work life.

Experience has proven that the work that is put towards creating a detailed experience will satisfy your need for a holiday to remember. That's why we've compiled a list of very thoughtful suggestions for your next time off.

Reviews are your best friend

Getting feedback from real people about their experience on the location you're planning to visit has become key to having a great trip. A review can give you an insight into what this place (city, hotel, lodge, etc) can offer and if it'll be worth your time. One of the most important things to keep in mind is knowing how to read thoroughly as many reviews as possible; separate the real reviews from the ones that seem to bee written out of spite. Also, checking the date of the review will help you now if there are any changes regarding what the place offers.

The time has come for your miles

The benefits frequent flyer miles can provide are great, but holding on to them is not the way to go. As they typically have an expiration time of 12 to 18 months, using them as part of your payment for airline tickets seems like a logical move. Something to keep in mind is the rate your credit card company uses to calculate miles– sometimes its beneficial to learn exactly the number of miles you might be using, as a way to measure the amount of money you would be saving, versus the actual price of the ticket in a regular purchase. Also, while on your holiday, use your credit card– those extra miles won't hurt you at all.

Keep your luggage light

We all have that one friend that packs seven pairs of flip-flops “just in case”. Avoid being that friend. Luggage carrying seems to be the main complaint people have about traveling– even more than layovers or security checks at airports. Having an itinerary of your activities will help you determine what items you will need. Another good idea is to pack clothes that you can match with many other options– this will make your luggage not only lighter, but fashionably practical.

Hotels are not essential

Let's face it: hotel prices have become a trap for desperate tourists who will pay anything to get accommodation. Nowadays, with the never-ending options that the online world provides, you don't have to spend a fortune for a great view. Online platforms like VRBO give you direct access to amazing residences for a fraction of the price you would pay at a hotel. Many think that alternatives like VRBO give you a first hand opportunity to live like a local, something not many tourists get to experience while traveling.

In stressful times filled with millions of travel options, exhaustive planning can prove to be the best guarantee for a successful vacation. So get yourself out there and try new things!