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 With record-breaking visits so far in 2017, Florida’s sunny weather and attractions have become a permanent staple that gathers millions of visitors from around the world yearly.

Being one of the top destinations in the world for tourists is a task that requires a lot of hard work. And, as it seems, the state of Florida has been doing its homework pretty consistently for the past few years– in 2016, they registered a record 112.8 million visitors, increasing their yearly numbers for the sixth year in a row.

Given the increase in their tourism budget for 2017 –they went from $25 million to $76 million–, it comes as no surprise that, so far this year, they have already broken their personal mark. In a report presented by Visit Florida, a 4.1% increase in visits is already noticeable, making it 60 million visitors until June this year. A big plan is being put in place to have higher numbers in 2018 too.

Marketing campaigns have clearly been beneficial to the Sunshine State’s aspirations to become the top travel destination in the world, but what exactly does Florida have to offer? Well, it seems it is far more than just Disney World and palm trees.

A never-ending variety of activities are waiting to be discovered by travelers from around the world: visits to museums and the very popular Kennedy Space Center, airboat rides through the dense Everglades, walking tours in Miami’s Design District, incredible beaches and parks and of course  impressive themed parks like Universal Studios, Sea World and Disney World. The options seem to be limitless, making it a must-visit destination for all types of tourists.

Accommodation here has also become one of the easiest and most affordable in the world. Popular options like VRBO –which also has Florida as one of its top 5 destinations preferred by its users– introduce rental options that guarantee to give you a personalized experience at an amazing price. Florida’s hotel prices are also known for having the best price-quality value out there. Top that with the fantastic weather it has to offer, and you’ll have a stay to remember!

With the growth of air travel routes the Governor’s office is looking to implement, the southern state is certainly becoming a global trendsetter in tourism, gathering an assortment of visitors from a diverse background, making it an option for anyone needing to experience great views, a modern metropolis and themed adventures that will become an event to remember. Plus, getting some sun never hurt no one. Be that using a VRBO rental o staying at a fancy hotel, Florida is sure to provide a fantastic experience that’ll delight all types.