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The remains of a 3,700-year-old pyramid were unearthed by archeologists in Dahshur, Egypt back in April. Once again, the pyramids of Egypt prove to be surrounded by a lot of mysteries with this latest discovery. An inscription was found on the pyramid, implying that this was especially made for the pharaoh Ameny Qemau, who was said to have ruled over Egypt’s 13th Dynasty for a short period. However, Owen Jarus claims in a report for Live Science, a new discovery now suggests that the pyramid in question was not made for the pharaoh himself, but instead, was built for his daughter.

The archeologists working on the site upon removing the stone covering the pyramid’s burial chamber were able to find a wooden box that bore three lines of hieroglyphics. While the statement from the Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities failed to provide specific details on the inscription, it did claim that name that was engraved on the box was for the daughter of the pharaoh Ameny Qemau. If their findings are correct, then the pyramid was once the tomb of an Egyptian princess.

Garry Shaw of The Art Newspaper says that the wooden box was intended to store canopic jars, which are funerary containers made for keeping the organs of a mummy. While the jars did not survive long enough for the researchers to see, they, however, did find wrappings that they say could have contained the liver, lungs, stomach, and intestines of the deceased. They also discovered a badly preserved sarcophagus.

If the researchers could prove that the pyramid indeed belonged to the daughter of Ameny Qemau, then this would clear up some of the unanswered questions about the new Dahshur pyramid. The researchers have been wondering why the pharaoh needed two pyramids of Egypt under his name. The first was discovered in 1957 and is just 2,000 feet away from the new one. At present, excavations are still ongoing on the new pyramid.

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