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There is now a rise of tourists headed to Panhandle. Panama City Beach has been implementing certain efforts so that they could become an all-year round tourist destination for different families and with the recent results, it seems that the efforts were all worth it.

Panama City Beach attracts a mob of tourists whenever the weather changes to that of a hotter season. This year, however, the tourism officials have decided to change their tactics a bit and are now trying to attract a different target market.

David Demarest, public relations manager of Visit Panama City Beach, noted that being in here in March, people already saw how the place came to life. He felt that during that month, a lot of people were already in the place, where he described how he has seen tons of families having a great time at the beach and how the atmosphere was really fantastic.

They have been trying to transition with the type of crowd that they wanted to attract to help improve the business for the sake of the local economy.

According to Sam Tuno, Gulf World Marketing Coordinator, he also had the same observations to that of Demarest. He said that this spring, they have seen a lot of families who came to visit the town. Tuno also observed that their business is definitely up.

So far, many businesses are happy and are already considering this season a huge success.

Tuno has been commending the TDC, saying that they have done a great job at promoting the beach as well as on their efforts to target the family market. To prove that they really are doing great, Gulf World even made a huge decision that will support the tourism sector efforts. Tuno says that they will now be extending the time that they are open – their service will now be available throughout the year except for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

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