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The Google Home personal assistant is a flagship product from the largest search engine, Google. This was launched back in November. It’s a voice-activated speakers that’s powered by Google Assistant. It’s a fairly small gadget, but don’t be fooled with its size – this little baby comes with some really cool tricks. This can help you find nearby restaurants, convert currency, translate foreign words, and even give you answers to fact-based questions.

About six months later, the company made sure that those who bought it could truly say that this gadget was a great buy after all. Now, it is doing things that it has never done before. Some are now saying that this could be the best gadget for people who love taking a trip to different places? Why? The speaker is now given the ability to track flight prices. It’s also useful when you need directions. While you may not be taking it with you during a taking a trip abroad, the Google Home may be useful during the day of the flight as it can give you same-day updates on airport traffic.

If you are familiar with personal virtual assistants like the one from Amazon, Alexa, or the Siri of Apple, then you already know that these types of gadgets are works in progress. However, with the latest update, Google Home proves to be the best companion for travelers to date. And this was just issued six months after its launch. Who knows what this can do in the future? On top of this, the program that powers it, the Google Assistant is not exclusive to the Google Home speaker – this can also be integrated on smartwatches and Android phones. In short, if there are changes in travel plans, you can bring this along with you should you need its help.