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Discover the heart of Lowcountry culture in one of its birth places: Hilton Head, South Carolina. As  it is a tourist attraction that gathers millions of visitors yearly, you might need a complete guide of the things you shouldn't miss when visiting this southern treasure.

Rich in Native American, Black and Civil War history, the island has become a demonstration of the many sides South Carolina has– it's a hospitable, friendly and warm welcome to the rest of the world.

Constantly referred to as a barrier island, Hilton Head sits on the southern tip of the state, in what is considered the epicenter of the Lowcountry, the geographical region of South Carolina's coast. The Lowcountry is also known for its specific cultural style, one that has been heavily influenced by the native subtropical climate the area has.

The hot weather in this seaside phenomenon is definitely one of its charming features– 12 miles of impressive white sand beaches and a vast wildlife also help make it a top destination for both local and international visitors.

Nature is experienced at its finest in Hilton Head, with a large ecosystem of endemic species that includes alligators, manatees, loggerhead sea turtles –which have a special protection program– and the all popular dolphins. And of course, it wouldn't be a complete wildlife adventure without the mysterious salt water stingrays that inhabit part of the ocean waters surrounding the island.

As part of the excitement Hilton Head provides, a selection of sports-related activities are available for enthusiasts and experts alike: 24 professional golf courses, 350 tennis courts and a wide selection of estuaries that serve as feeding spots for sport and game fish. It's safe to say that if you have a competitive flair for sports, you'll have plenty to choose from.

This boot-shaped territory has events all year long, with a cultural offer that compares to that of the biggest metropolis in the country. In addition to this, its proximity to Savannah and Charleston makes it a gateway stop that will get you close to some of the most beautiful cities in the south.

There is no way of appreciating the Lowcountry culture without first trying out its cuisine. A wide set of options for all types of customers will be waiting for you– from waterfront restaurants with the most delicious seafood platters for you to try at The Crazy Crab to sophisticated dinning at Reilley's Grill & Bar, Hilton Head is sure to please your thirst for the heavenly charm of southern home cooking.

Given its popularity, the island has become home for several hotel chains that have populated the beach areas with their elegant accommodation options fit for everyone. But if you're feeling like saving some money, or maybe trying it out like a local there are services like VRBO which will provide great lodging.