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Travel down as south as you can, and you will be enchanted with the charm and southern hospitality that characterizes Gulf Shores. A subtropical land, this Alabama beach town is a hotspot for some summer fun.

Gulf Shores is the town of permanent summer– warm and humid, with very manageable winters that allow for outdoor activities all year long. Don't be fooled: temperatures can be quite high, but with the exquisite sea breeze that the town is known for, you'll rapidly forget about it.

The best part about it is that, since it has been relatively unknown for a while, it's almost as if this was a hidden treasure Alabama was waiting to show to the rest of the world. It's considerable degree of anonymity makes for great adventures in an almost undiscovered territory.

Small beach towns are known exactly for that: the beach. But if there is one thing that makes this beautiful seaside city so special is the care they put onto keeping their beaches pristine. One of the most popular summer spots in town, Gulf Place, is undergoing a revitalization which aims to make the largest, most iconic beach in the city even bigger. You will certainly want to go camping by the beach and take in the gorgeous scenery all around you.

As with any other beach city, sport fishing is a must. The Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Marina offers daily charter trips to some of the most challenging fishing scenarios that will put even the most experienced fishermen to the test.

Paddle boarding, kayaking, and even surfing are only some of the sports you can try at their white sand beaches. If you're not feeling like taking a dive into the ocean, feel free to practice your beach volleyball skills.

You may think that's as good as it gets, think again. Gulf Shores has an impressive line up of events and activities for everyone. First up, a visit to the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo, where over 500 animals are waiting for you to visit. Follow it with an interesting stop at the highly popular Fort Morgan Historic Site to get a hands-on view of Alabama's finest boats.

Seafood is a must when visiting the south, especially when it comes to a distinctive beach town like this. Fresh and delicious Gulf Coast oysters can be found in all the main markets in town, making a a definite treat all visitors should get.

Added to this, the wide variety of dining options from adult-oriented dinner/entertainment combos to kid-friendly restaurants, makes a visit to this southern beach city an affair to remember.

If you're worrying about the heat in certain months being too much when visiting Gulf Shores, then you may want to purchase a portable air conditioner for your trip. We highly recommend it.