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Florida has such a wide variety of options when it comes to beach time, that it becomes virtually impossible to choose just one. Up north, right on the coast, you'll find South Walton, a city that boosts the spirit of the sunshine state. Within the city, there are multiple beaches and seaside neighborhoods that compose one of the most beautiful landscapes in all of the south.

To the west, a few miles away from Pensacola, Miramar Beach stands as a perfect recreational spot for anyone looking for some laid back beach time, away from all the action the rest of Florida has to offer.

With lovely views of the Gulf of Mexico, and an enviable coastline that spreads for a couple of miles, Miramar Beach is regarded as a perfect contrast between wonderful summer vibes and the relaxed time off that everyone needs every now and then.

A few developments have renovated its image, adding some distinction to its scenery– a common sight in Florida. As part of the many projects that have been created, various seaside shops and restaurants currently offer a wide array of dining options. Some of the classics, like Five Guys and Lilli's BBQ, continue to be favorites among visitors.

A few miles to the east of South Walton you will find Rosemary Beach, a cozy beach community with all the amenities you can imagine to spend the best summer of your life.

One of the youngest developments in Florida, Rosemary Beach has gained a reputation as a distinguished “new wave” neighborhood, packed with some of the most exclusive condos and apartment complexes. One of its main attributes is how it manages to create an exclusive ambience with an almost undiscovered location.

Its close proximity to Panama City and other South Walton cities allows you to have access to multiple spas, shopping centers and golf courses– activities all travelers are looking to enjoy. Added to this, fishing has become one of the most popular sports in the area, mainly because of the comfort of having the Gulf of Mexico right in front.

As and added bonus, the clear waters of the gulf are also home to numerous species of animals. Multiple estuaries are located throughout the coast– a perfect opportunity for sightseeing. Take a close look to the natural habitat of turtles, alligators, bald eagles and many more.

These are some of Florida's most exclusive and –almost– secret options. They might be filled with expensive hotels and condos, but that shouldn't stop you from experiencing their charm. Affordable rental platforms like VRBO can lend a helping hand when it comes to getting a place to stay for a great price.