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Summer time can be a little complicated, especially when you think your options for traveling around are either limited or too expensive. Little did we know that there are options aiming to please literally everyone– Cape Cod, in Massachusetts, is just one example.

Remember that little tip of land in Massachusetts that twisted into the Atlantic Ocean? Well, that is Cape Cod. But even if it is not the largest peninsula in the United States, its quaint, relaxed vibe makes up for it.

Known for the variety of sceneries, activities and history it provides, Cape Cod became an area of constant interest for travelers looking for a fun and safe option in the Northeast Atlantic. Comprised of 15 towns, spread within the main peninsula and the islands of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard, this combination of beautiful seaside views and whimsical little villages makes for one of the top destinations in the US.

Going to the beach is probably the main reason you might have heard of the peninsula,  but there is so much more! With over 40 miles of walkable coast, it's understandable why it becomes a hotspot during the summer.

Whale watching and other sea-related sports are huge– sport fishing, for example, is a serious business. Around the peninsula's bay, there are multiple salt water spots where many bait fish attract the bigger, more competitive specimens like bluefish.

If you think sports are the main course, think again. Cape Cod's cultural background is as diverse as the activities its residents and visitors get to experience yearly. Known as one of the friendliest LGBT areas in the US, the cape boosts a varied calendar of activities that range from barhopping nights in artsy Provincetown to guided historical tours in Plimoth Plantation.

Ferry tours around the bay will allow you to enjoy glorious views of the Atlantic with the beautiful coast as a backdrop.  A necessary stop would be at Martha's Vineyard, a day trip that will feast your eyes and delight your palate.

Since the late 90's, tourism in Cape Cod has grown so much, important changes have happened in the way locals now receive the thousands of visitors that come yearly. Summer season, which is the busiest, has been expanding over the years, prompting locals to use alternative accommodation options like VRBO, where owners can rent their own properties for a fairly reasonable price, thus making the options a diverse as the cape's scenery.

Fun for solo travelers and families alike, Cape Cod is definitely a strong option when it comes to getting to know one of the most beautiful, friendly areas in the Northeast.