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The Pacific Ocean is known for the variety of scenarios it has and the distinct culture of the islanders in this area. One of the most iconic places in the Pacific has got to be Hawaii. The 50th state became the absolute favorite paradise destination for all US travelers in the 50's, turning it into the tourism icon it is to this day.

Within Hawaii there is a special pearl that draws the attention of thousands of visitors yearly: Maui. Other than it's visible charm, Maui is known for being the “best island in the world”, a title that has been certified by the millions that have enjoyed its warm weather, sandy beaches and amazing views.

The climate certainly benefits this paradise reputation the island has garnered– a deliciously tropical weather, with only a dash of rainstorm during the rainy season. Also known as one of the most diverse climates, mainly because of how, depending on where you are, the temperature might change (warmer in the lower parts, while chilly on the mountains).

Although Maui County is Hawaii's strongest tourist destination, it is the island of Maui that receives most visits– most of the other islands in the county are inhabited.

Waterfalls, whale watching and, of course, some much needed beach time makes the island and all inclusive haven aimed to provide activities for all types of travelers. And the trails you'll have to take to access some of the most delightful hidden gems the island has to offer will make you feel like a real adventurer.

One of the most popular is the Hana Trail. A spiritual journey through the heart of Hawaii's volcanic landscape, the Hana Trail will basically force you to experience some of the most beautiful sights in all of the Pacific: Wa'ianapanapa State Park. Black sands, Polynesian vibes and coastal winds– you don't need anything else!

Once you reach Hana, nature seems to expand in way not many places can. From the beautiful trees at Kahanu Garden to the whale watching excitement –visible from Hana Beach County Park–, your visit to Maui will come to a full circle.

On the southeastern part of the island stands probably the biggest, most impressive volcanic site Hawaii has: Haleakala National Park. A monumental summit –a popular trail among adventurous visitors– sits on the top, surrounded by endemic species of flora and fauna only found on this part of the world. It is said the Haleakala is home to the largest ecosystem of endangered species in the world, so bringing your binoculars will be a good idea.

As many know, Maui County is a top destination for all kinds of tourists, which has made it a haven for fancy hotels all around. But, if you think you'll need an absurdly high budget to get to know this landmark, you're wrong– affordable accommodation options like VRBO help you be a part of the Hawaiian magic for just a fraction of the price.