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Travelers around the world can agree on one thing: hotels can be really expensive. Sometimes, they're not even the best option– the strict rules they apply on their guests can be somewhat disheartening, and the fact that they feel they can apply random policies that make you pay for basically anything they want is not helpful at all. Also, their promise to provide top quality services has proven to be non consistent in most cases, which can sometimes create a very stressful experience for tourists looking to relax on a vacation getaway.

For many years, tourists have had to endure expensive random fees, untidy rooms, loud guests staying next door and many other difficulties that come with staying at a hotel. Unless you had a friend living in the city you were visiting, there were very full alternatives.

Fortunately, the development of online resources has generated a solution to this seemingly endless problem. A personalized, easy to access option has become the top alternative for travelers who want to experience a one-on-one travel adventure, without the hassle of hotels. House vacation rentals seem to be the accommodation hit of the travel industry.

For awhile it was a well-kept secret, not many tourists would dare to stay at someone's home, even if the price would guarantee saving a lot of money. But the scary thoughts soon disappeared as the online community starting sharing their experiences with very positive feedback. That was the moment where platforms like VRBO –Vacation Rental by Owner– became a widely popular alternative for visitors from around the world.

As its name indicates, the owner of a home can put their property up for rental for a period of time and directly communicate with the guest. No hotel desk, no interventions; a personalized experience is guaranteed. This creates an intimate environment like no other; staying at a space you can call your own is its own best reward.

But the intimate approach isn't the only benefit. VRBO is known for having the most affordable rates online, with the best price guarantee per square foot. Online comparisons with hotels and other websites can assert that, even in cities like New York –where prices seem to be going up in a never-ending surge–,  a vacation rental through VRBO can and will save you some money.

With features that adapt to your needs, their website can connect you with a collection of properties of more than 265,000, including beach houses, lofts, apartments, cabins and even country farmhouses. The multiplicity of options is so big, that the only thing you'll need to do is decide.

The hotel industry might try to convince you they're the only ones that will provide you with an experience to remember, but if the online world has given us anything, its the ability to create alternatives that will cater to your needs, which should always come first.