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When going on a trip or vacation, people are given generally two options on accommodation – hotels and property rentals. For the latter, one website has been gaining popularity these days, Some people are now asking if booking a stay at VRBO beats a hotel. This could be better in a lot of ways.

For those on  a budget, you will notice right away that the price of overnight stays at VRBO are significantly lesser compared to some of the more popular hotels. For example, average nightly rate for hotels in NYC is at $350 but vacation rentals at VRBO would only average at $219.28 a night. Similarly, the same trend can be seen in other locations like Rome, Miami Beach, and Whistler, BC. Another reason people choose vacation rental over hotels is the privacy that these properties offer. With hotels, you may have to worry about noise coming from the other room or the hallway. You also have to share the other amenities like the pool. In comparison, most vacation rentals will let you have the property to yourself giving you the peace and quiet that you need.

VRBO beats staying at a hotel because you can bring along your pet pal. More than 25,000 of the properties listed in here are considered dog-friendly. This could also be the best place to look for accommodation if you plan to bring along the kids with you. There are properties in here the offer kid-friendly amenities like those of cribs, playpen, and high chairs. And fees for the properties in here often do not have hidden costs like that of hotels because you can talk to the owner before booking your stay. The properties at VRBO will have their own kitchen so you can cook your own dinner which could save you the extra cost of dining out.

VRBO is better than a hotel because it lets you save, bring along your pets, and is kid-friendly.