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Searching for a place that you could possibly visit on your next travel getaway? Look no further – Pinterest has teamed up with Airbnb to come up with the hottest destinations this 2017. Here are the top ten trending as shown in travel-related searches since last year.

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Famous for its world renowned scuba diving and breathtaking palm-studded beaches, Sharm El Sheikh continues to attract visitors from around the globe despite warnings of terrorist activity in the area.

Tenerife, Canary Islands

Europeans find this Spanish island very alluring with its sun-drenched beaches. Aside from the mainstream tourist destinations in this location, visitors can also get to see cool boutiques, stylish restaurants, and posh hotels.

Courchevel, France

More popularly known as a winter sports destination, this is located in Les Trois Vallées which is known as the world’s largest lift-linked ski region. In here, you could get to experience indoor surfing and hot-air balloon rides.

Scottish Highlands

You may have at one time heard of this place because of the Loch Ness Monster, but there is really more to see in Scottish Highlands. This boasts of dreamy old castles, cinematic  landscapes, and whiskey distilleries among others.

Reykjavik, Iceland

There were about 1.7 million tourists who visited this place last year. Maybe it’s because the city is lined with colorful buildings, a lively nightlife scene, or people just want to experience its cosmopolitan culture.

Kyoto, Japan

A reason to visit Kyoto, Japan? Talk about more than 1,000 shrines and temples. This is often referred to as Japan’s most mesmerizing city.

Bora,Bora, Polynesia

It’s the place that could fill in the gap of every nomad’s imagination. Bora, Bora has the crystalline waters of paradise and the exotic sound of ukulele.

The other finalists that completed the Top Ten list are New York City, Santorini, and Barcelona.