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It's that time of the year again! Get your sandals, sunglasses, and bathing suits because summer time is quickly approaching. When it comes to planning a summer getaway, there are popular destinations that year after year are flooded with tourists trying to soak up some sun.For those looking to save some bucks, here is a comprehensive list of top summer destinations you can actually afford.

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

This Mexican beach town is known for its thrilling combination of Caribbean beach views and ancestral Mexican flair. Located along the Yucatan peninsula, Playa Del Carmen stands as one of the top destinations for travelers looking to experience a unique seaside journey without spending copious amounts of money.

Palm Springs, California

The trendy look and feel that popularized Palm Springs still manages to attract thousands of visitors monthly, making it one of California's best kept  –not so secret– secrets. An assembly of activities that range from hiking along the Coachella Valley to a lavish (but affordable) shopping spree on its wide array of stores and strips are a must-do whenever visiting the area. Added to this, some of the cheapest accommodation in the zone can be found here.

Puerto Rico

After the strike of hurricane Maria, which managed to salvage a big part of the island, Puerto Rico has found a way to rise up to the occasion: tourism. The once most visited island in the Caribbean provides multiple benefits for US citizens, since it's literally like traveling inside the country. It's awe-inspiring nature, the vastness of its musical culture, and the warmth of its people are trademarks that make it an affordable and delicious getaway.

Tampa, Florida

Nothing beats Florida beaches– and Tampa is no exception to the rule! Known for its vast, sandy beaches, it stands as a go-to place in the southern state. Sunny views all year long, thousands of activities to choose from and many other benefits await those who venture into the city. Let's not forget the constant offers and discounts many hotels and resorts in the area have year-round.

Guadalajara, Mexico

Known as one of the cultural capitals in Mexico, Guadalajara is also the second most developed city in the country. As of recent years, its population received an interesting surge in students, making it a hotspot for youngsters. This created a vibrant night life that falls short to nothing. It's rich history has also made it a staple for anyone looking to experience true Mexican culture. And because of its proximity to many tequila distillers, it's a perfect destination.


You might think there is no way one of the most visited places in the Caribbean is now cheaper. Well, it is. Aruba has held strong reputation as a resort island, with hundreds of accommodation options for virtually anyone. This means that you can find affordable options that will allow you to experience it's fantastic island vibe without damaging your budget.