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For whoever lives in a big city, going away for a few days seems like much needed therapy. An escape from the daily grind, the stressful deadlines, and the never ending noise that generally fills all corners of any metropolis.Sometimes, this idea seems perfect– who wouldn't want to go away and get more energy? But reality can be a little different: schedules are tight, budgets are limited, and taking time to plan a getaway can seem like a very boring task.This is why knowing what options are around you will help you plan quickly and step into a weekend you'll never forget.

Big cities, great beaches close by

Anyone living in New York knows how difficult it is to step out of the hassle of living in the city. But for those with some spare time, options like Montauk are a great idea, just a few miles away. Its proximity isn't the only added bonus: the view on its beaches, the tranquility of the town, and the laid back environment make it an excellent choice for anyone in the area.

If you live in a city like Boston, where a rich and varied historical environment surrounds you 24/7, maybe going away for the weekend can help you enjoy a different type of living. Cape Cod is the go-to place in this case. A summer time favorite, the peninsula becomes a boom, mainly because of its 40-mile long beaches and the beautiful seaside views.

How about the mountains?

When you think of summer, you don't generally imagine yourself in a cabin surrounded by luscious mountains. But, with the increasing trend of going away to remote places, mountain towns like Truckee can provide the necessary stress relief people living in LA so desperately need. Known for its proximity to at least 10 amazing California lakes, it stands as a secluded yet comfortable option in the woods for people seeking some off time during the weekend.

When it comes to mountains, there is no other place like Colorado. That is why discovering a hidden gem like Crested Butte –only a 4-hour drive from Denver– will come in handy. If you are a fan of hiking and Jeep roads, this is for you– a quick getaway to this lovely mountain town will supply the adrenaline rush you may need. Also, with its ‘Bikes, Beers and Bands' festival happening every June, you might get a little party time too.

It's not only in the US

Close by options are virtually everywhere in the world. For those looking to step outside of London for a quick trip, Margate is just a 90-minute train ride away. A modern, trendy, up-to-date cultural agenda will provide some fun, while still being close to the British capital.

Stockholm is known as the heart of Scandinavia, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to see what rural Sweden has to offer. A short 45-minute plane journey will take you to Gotland, an island off the coast of Sweden known for its viking flare and its haunting beauty. A perfect getaway for anyone looking for some down time in the Baltic Sea.