Exterior Aerial View

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Jessica Palmer shares her personal experience from her Bora, Bora travel through an article featured in The Australian.

She starts off the personal essay with how the tension from her shoulder dissipated as the plane touched the ground. She then goes on to describe the 45 minute ride from Papeete where she was also able to spend about 30 minutes of breathtaking view of all sorts – sheltered lagoon, white-fringes coral islets and volcanic peaks.

The plane then landed to one of the small islets, which she described as forming a ring around the lagoon. She proceeded to explain that a boat transfer was required for those who want to reach the mainland or visit one of the glamorous resorts.

Hiring a pushbike was on her agenda, a treat that was made possible thanks to the virtually flat road. Bora Bora didn’t disappoint with its aquamarine waters and a sky that was a brilliant blue, topped off with islands that were blanketed in lush greenery. Jessica wanted to embrace the experience, so she didn’t pass up the chance to pedal past the waving locals, see the beachside shacks, and she also marveled at the fact that she saw innocent children, bantering good naturedly at each other.

Barefoot boys were also passing by, where Jessica saw one who was carrying chicken and another with a simple fishing rod and a bucket. She thought to herself that these were their dinner for the night.

What Jessica saw in Bora Bora made her long to live in a place where children could freely roam, innocent and all, and where young boys have the ability to catch dinner and at least survive a whole day not dependent on some type of electronic device.

Jessica concluded that all in all, she saw a glimpse of a beautiful island, known for luxury resorts, but a wonderfully self-sufficient community nonetheless.

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