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A lot of people would like the freedom to travel around the world if they can. Well, one person did it, leaving his corporate job in exchange for a life filled with adventure. But Leon Logothetis did not only do get to travel — he did it with very limited budget. Who says that you need much in order to see some amazing sites? It’s a life that ‘s better than what most people staying cooped up staying alone renting in South America, working at a job that they do not like.

Logothetis was 28 years old when he was still working in London in year 2005. He was down with a chronic depression, which prompted him to do what others would easily called unthinkable — he hitchhiked across America. He only had $5 to spend a day on his way from New York to LA. All he had was that amount of money, and the generosity of kind strangers.

When others would have thought that it was pure suicide on his part, Logothetis may actually have made his life better with this decision. His life became a very interesting adventure, which allowed him to become the person that he is today — a motivational speaker, an author, and even that of a TV host!

He now stars in the inspirational travelogue series — The Kindness Diaries. The show aired in US on Netflix last month. This is a chronicle of his journey around the globe.

Logothetis travelled with virtually no money, mostly only counting on the generosity of people. He says that he was bullied as a kid but his travels let him meet kind and hospitable people, often from those who do not have that much to give. For him, his new life is a celebration of love and compassion.

It was not always a walk in the park. Like those renting in South America still living with their corporate jobs, he met some hurdles but it was a price that he was willing to take.