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So you've decided to put your property up as a vacation rental. It seems like a great idea, considering you can actually score some extra cash by doing it, while still remaining the owner of the place. Options like this can be very beneficial if you live in a town that sees a constant flow of visitors coming in and out.

But, as with everything, it takes a lot of determination to score a visitor willing to stay at your place. The right pictures, proper decoration, a desirable location and the website you choose to promote it  all play an important part in determining the success of your listing.

As there aren't enough resources for people thinking about renting their properties to get references, we've come up with some useful tips that you should keep in mind for having a successful listing in the online world.

Where you are determines where you go

Know your audience and how to get to them. Choosing the proper website or engine to promote your property is key to making your place a hit. Recommended options like HomeAway –which instantly connects you to a large number of associated websites can give you an advantage, so that your property is seen by millions.

Decoration goes a long way

The color palette you use in your rooms says a lot about you. Depending on the aim you have for your listing, the selected colors should reflect what you're trying to achieve or the type of people you want in there. Beach houses tend to do good with sea-related decoration and calm colors like blue. Mountain cabins using the appeal of wood is always a hit. However, bare in mind that too much can be very harmful, no one wants to feel they're in an overcrowded room. Sometimes keeping a minimalist approach goes a long way.

It's all visual

Pictures are the gateway to your listing. If you have badly-lit images of your rooms, taken with a camera of dubious capacity or if they are of low resolution, that will probably create an unwelcoming mood that will prevent you from getting a possible visitor. Always put some effort into the images you select for your listing– they will inevitably reflect the care and attention you put to your property. Bright rooms with soft tones tend to give a comfortable vibe and are recommendable for most pictures, since travelers are looking to feel at home while away. References like HomeAway's pictures can help you better understand what type of images can suit your listing.

Location is everything

This doesn't really depend on you. Sometimes your property is just a few steps too far from the beach, or maybe the view it has of that amazing mountain is just not the one you would want. But knowing this allows you to know how you can compensate for it. Try finding amenities that will make it impossible for a tourist to not want to stay at your place. It's all about being creative.