Split photo of mother and son family snorkeling in turquoise ocean water at tropical island

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The world offers you the ability to seek fun and adventure. For some, snorkeling is one of the activities that they would like to try or are already addicted to. Certainly, nothing beats seeing the sea creatures up close. But while this may be so, some are not able to try out this activity because most of the time, hotels are often located away from the snorkeling destinations. Should you let this small problem stop you from seeing and experiencing the best places to snorkel? What are the things that you could possibly miss anyway?

Ambergris Caye in Belize is home to the largest barrier reef just outside of Australia. In here, you may be given the opportunity to swim with rays, eels, and other bright and colorful fish. This Caribbean coastline is known for its turquoise waters.

The coast of Ilha Grande, Brazil has this untouched feel, thanks to the jungles that are populated by monkeys coupled with the brilliant waters brimming with brilliantly colored fish. You may be able to spot seahorses, angelfish, and even turtles.

Another of the best places to snorkel is Hawaii. Among the islands, the Big Island is said to have the most to offer. Why? The Kealakekua Bay is rich in history apart from the fact that this is home to technicolor coral and fish.

Palawan, Philippines is yet another great place to go snorkeling. The country has a diverse ecosystem where you may be able to swim with the great sharks or whales.

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