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So, you have been wanting to go on a vacation on the top 10 European destinations for quite some time now. Your other family members have also been wanting to go on a trip just like you. But you are hesitant about pushing through with your plans because of budget issues with hotel room rates not going down any time soon. Should you postpone that trip for another year and save up so that you can afford to go to London, Paris, Dublin, and Amsterdam? If you are somewhat short of cash, a little change of plans is all that is needed. Instead of staying in a hotel, why not book a vacation rental at VRBO aka. Vacation Rental by Owners.

Hotel room rates in Rome usually averages at $222.64 per night. In comparison, vacation rentals would cost you about $180.51. That is already a lot of difference. If you think that is not a big increment at all, wait until you see the floor area. Hotels would only comprise of 325 square feet of space. Most vacation rentals will have a space of 1,850 square feet. Now, if you are travelling with your family or friends, which do you think is the better option — isn’t it better to stay in a place where there is plenty of room like the rental properties advertised at And not only that. You will not only be renting a room; you will be renting the whole property. Some rental properties will let you bring a crowd of eight!

So if you have been dying to travel and see the top 10 European destinations, now you can with the help of’s array of affordable accommodation options. And because travelling is more fun with family and friends, choosing the rental properties in here is better than booking a hotel room because this can accommodate more people.