Indonesian Temple

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Indonesian Temple

Tourists all over the globe often come to the emerald of the equator because the Islands of Indonesia offer a nice view of scenic beaches. While Bali and Phuket are considered the main attractions in the country, there might come another reason for people to visit in the near future.

According to reports, Indonesia is planning to include spiritual tourism on its list of offerings. This will be tied to the world’s largest Buddhist temple, the Borobudur in Java province which is located in central Indonesia. Some sources say that this is in relation to the country’s intention to promote peace and harmony across the world.

A cultural introduction was already held at the Tidar Heritage Foundation in Magelang city. As seen by the attendance of the representatives from different embassies that included Lebanon, China, Philippines, Oman, Germany, Croatia, Mongolia, and Australia, this may hold some great promise.

What are the other things to expect? It seems that Indonesia wants to be known as a spiritual destination similar to that of Rome and Jerusalem. The Borobudur temple has already been listed as one of Unesco’s World Heritage Sites. This is also said to be one of the country’s new attractions which is intended to boost the Indonesian economy. There are already a number of foreign visitors who choose the 2,500 square meter temple when they want to take pilgrimage trips. This is also a subject of interest for people who have a penchant for ancient civilization.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian tourism industry often takes a halt when Nyepi, a Hindu celebration in the Islands of Indonesia, takes place. It’s a 24 hour break where people take a quiet time to reflect, and this is celebrated on March 28 this year. The tourism industry often shuts down during this day, but for those who are interested in visiting Indonesia, you can rest easy that this only happens once a year.