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While some of those living in other countries say that they can’t travel to Australia because it’s just too expensive, Kiwis may have something to look forward to if the proposal of Qantas CEO gets approval from the government.

Australia claims that its tourism industry remains one of its strongest industries to date. This can be easily seen as new hotels and other Australian accommodations are being built. In fact, occupancy may be one of the highest in the world; no wonder there are now many hot els that are underway. Even though rent is not cheap for luxury hotels in Australia, their tourism industry continues to grow since most of the ones that book these are those who come to the country for business.

On another note, Qantas boss may have some idea that may allow the citizens of New Zealand to save a bit in their travels to Australia. Alan Joyce is now pushing the approval of the plans to treat travels from New Zealand to Australia (and vice versa) as a domestic trip.

If this is approved, it is expected that the flights will now leave domestic terminals instead of international terminals. Furthermore, the passengers would no longer need to bring their passports with them. Joyce also claims that this would be beneficial for the travelers and would also give both countries’ tourism industry a boost.

Joyce presented his idea at a meeting in New Zealand's capital, saying that he does not see any point why the travels from the two countries should now be treated like a domestic trip. He defended his idea, mentioning that this is a great way to improve their efficiency with the use of domestic terminals. He also notes that this would let travelers save on costs, given the fact that they will be using the domestic terminal. Could this also mean that this could attract the Kiwis to start searching for Australian accommodations too when this happens and turn the other country into their go-to vacation destination? He also says that this will significantly reduce the time spent in travelling.

How about you? Do you think this is a great idea? To all the Kiwis out there, it may be a while before you can hello to passport-free visit to Australia. Still, there is a way to save on your trip. Check out deals at