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For those those of you who have been dreaming of travelling to see Iceland Adventures but can’t because of budget constraints, now you may be able to do so with the deals that are now being offered by these providers.

Those who want to leave from the John F. Kennedy International Airport in NYC can get a two-for-one trip bound to England and Iceland. This is available in early May for a round trip fare of $445. This was reported by the Airfare Spot and is only available on Iceland carrier, Icelandair.

What to expect from the deal? If you have a May 2 departure as an example, you will be staying in Iceland for five days, where you will be leaving for London in May 7. After four days, you will be taken back home on board a flight from London to NYCty. You also have the choice to choose May 5 as your date for a trip to Iceland with a London flight of May 10 and a return flight of May 13 to NYC.

Those from NY are not the only ones who have access to Iceland travel deals. If you are in Chicag, you may be in luck. WOW Air recently announced that they will be offering travelers super-cheap flights to the city, where international tickets will start selling at $99. Skúli Mogensen, WOW Air’s  CEO, says that they are already excited to finally be able to fulfill their promise to offer travelers the ability to buy budget-friendly transatlantic trips to the Midwest.

To mark the launch of the new route, people can now book $99 one-way flights bound to Iceland beginning immediately. Flights from Chicag will be made available on the following days – Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

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