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Las Vegas is the pure embodiment of the life of the rich and famous. Casinos have been around since the 1900s and until now, they continue to attract millions of people from all over the globe. No wonder Las Vegas rentals is so popular. And what else could be a more sophisticated sport for the affluent other than golf? Similarly, Las Vegas is home to some of the best golf courses around — it’s also one of the reasons why the rich like to spend some quality time in this place.

Today, a casino may have taken the game to a whole new level — to a more advanced level that includes the use of technology. On a quest to attract the millennials, MGM came up with this idea to open Level Up, a 12,000 square feet of space, especially made for the nontraditional casino players. Some even dubbed it as the ‘entertainment mecca’. Complete with a bar, lounge, and a lot of fun games, who would think of asking for more?

But MGM Grand is up on its toes, surprising its visitors with the sports that the rich and famous love and made it more desirable, being the fact that it’s located inside that of  the famous casino. Level Up’s Golfstream Suite is a VIP golf lounge. It has a traditional golf simulator that comes together with a high-tech putting surface. MGM says that this is the first of its kind that gives people the ability to experience augmented reality combined with laser guidance. It will take the player through mini challenges as well as an offering of skills tests. And so that players will get to have a taste of a little bit of luxury, the players will be treated with the services of a caddie who will be helping them operate the games and ensuring that they will never run out of food and drinks.

Think your travel will break your budget? No worries —  Las Vegas rentals can be very cheap so you will at least be able to save on accommodation.