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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live right next to the ocean? The waves gently crashing near you, hearing the sounds of the deep blue sea a few steps away, a sand path leading to everything from little cafes to delicious seaside restaurants close by. It all sounds like a fantastic destination that no one would ever hesitate visiting.

Many dream of living close to the beach, as it is known to have the best climate for a laid-back kind of lifestyle. What some fail to consider is that owning a property in a seaside town can sometimes be a lot of work that requires a lot of financial disposition. Paying the bills, mortgage and other legally-binding responsibilities can prove to be a hassle for some.

But what about having all the amenities of a beautiful beach residence without having to pay an excessive value for your dreamed location? That's when renting becomes a trusted tactic. Online rental services like VRBO can help you make an efficient rental you'll be enjoying in no time.

One of the most important things to consider is what kind of beach town you want to go to– after all, it's not the same spending a weekend at Myrtle Beach as it would be in Atlantic City.

Relaxed beach towns are a common trait of the East Coast. Places like Beaufort in North Carolina, with its rich pirate history and almost secluded beaches, serve as a perfect spot for an easygoing getaway. Also in the Atlantic, Cape May in New Jersey, becomes a must-go seaside town for those wanting to get a glimpse of the sea in a serene and quiet manner. Up north, in Maine, stands the artistically diverse small town of Blue Hill. As its name indicates, you will find the perfect combination of mountain and beach with some interesting art exhibitions, pleasing both crowds alike.

Although the sea can be a place for relaxing and taking a break from the fast-paced city life, sometimes a good nightlife near the beach is what you need. Haleiwa, part of Hawaii's North Shore, is the place to be in Waikiki. With its lively shops, restaurants and bars, it seems like the perfect option for those looking to have a great time in the far Pacific. To the surprise of many, Rhode Island's Narragansett has a very active nightlife with one of the best beach bars in the country, the Coast Guard House. Trendy bars and a booming music scene has made Asbury Park in New Jersey a must-see destination for a good time right next to the beach as well.

Depending on what you're looking for, these alternatives are sure to delight you with the variety of activities and views you have to choose from. With rental options literally everywhere –from tour guides to online resources like VRBO–, packing up and going is the only thing you'll need to do.